'City Wall' Tile + Replica Tile + P&P
'City Wall' Tile + Replica Tile + P&P

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'City Wall' Tile + Replica Tile + P&P

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Write your name in the history of York City Football Club!

York City is creating the 'City Wall' at the new Community Stadium where you can write your name into club history. Situated within the stadium concourse, the 'City Wall' will contain personalised ceramic tiles around a specially commissioned portrait of the club's legendary striker Keith Walwyn.

Tiles will be fixed on a first come, first installed basis, and cost £49.95 each. The tiles, which incorporate the City badge, can also include a three-line personalised message consisting of a maximum of 20 characters per line. 

Choosing Your Message
You can add your personalised message after clicking Add To Cart in the Special Instructions For Seller box. Please note the following or your order may be rejected;

- Three line, maximum 20 characters per line
- Spaces and punctuation marks count as characters e.g. .,!&
- Write message as you want it to appear - UPPER or lower case
- Messages will be centred automatically

The 'City Wall' is located within the south/south-east corner of the stadium and will celebrate the passion and loyalty of our supporters. The wall features a 750mm x 600mm central portrait of City legend Keith Walwyn on white ceramic tile. The portrait has been drawn by local artist Linda Howe, a lifelong City supporter. The portrait is surrounded by personalised ceramic tiles giving supporters a unique opportunity to write their name in City history and celebrate the dawn of a new era.

Each tile measures 150mm x 150mm and incorporates the club badge with space for a personalised message in blue lettering. The tiles will be placed within the wall to become a feature of the new stadium for years to come.

Points To Note
- All tiles, except replicas, remain the sole property of YCFC
- The Club reserves the right to approve all lettering and to refuse any application in such cases. The Club has no obligation to cite reasons
- It is envisaged that the tiles will be displayed at the stadium site for an indefinite period of time. In exceptional circumstances, the Club reserves the right to move or relocate the tiles without liability
- The Club will have complete control over the location and installation date of the tiles